Used Motor Oil & Filter Recycling Containers



The Delta Four Oil Recycling Container has a user-friendly design which incorporates a wide-mouth drain pan/lid. The pan/lid is snug fitting to prevent spillage into the environment.

The large capacity oil recycling container holds up to four gallons. That's large enough for at least two average oil and filter changes. 

The filter tray holds oil filters which allows time for the filters to drain for clean handling and removal.

The Delta Four Oil Recycling Container makes changing oil and oil filters quick and easy!

Step 1: Lift the tabs to open.

Step 2: The lid becomes the drain pan. Place it under the vehicle to collect the used oil and oil pan plug.

Step 3: Empty into the bucket, place oil filter on drain pan shelf. Retrieve oil pan plug.

Step 4: Close lid firmly to prevent leakage.